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About Elle

Elle Jimenez is a full-time performer, entertainer and has a colorful resume that includes acting, dancing, stage performance and more. Her film school education has given her the ability to work as a content creator, for herself and other businesses. Elle holds certifications as a diver and marine ecologist. She is very popular locally and worldwide for her mermaid performing and ocean conservation education as Miami's number one mermaid, Mermaid Elle.


As a little girl with big dreams who was born and raised on the island of Puerto Rico, Elle focused on her passion for performing. She moved to the states at 17, where she finished high school, and has worked as a professional performer, and then a business owner until the opportunity for mermaiding came along. Now she adds swimming skills to her repertoire of talents. Elle is now a pro-diver and aquatic stunt performer. 


Follow along Elle's work on Instagram @elle_jimenez


"Chase Your Dreams and Live an Extraordinary Life. Anything is Possible!"

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